Tryst Arcane is an esoteric rendezvous of atmospheric and cinematic soundscapes, organ sounds, and brooding piano riffs along soaring vocal melodies. It is a duo from Malta, formed by Alexia (vocals) and Julian (keys).

After several discussions with ‘music geeks’, Alexia and Julian understood that there is no particular genre which they belong to. In fact, Minimal Dark is a term that the duo coined for this genre of music, as it is composed of only two elements. In the early days of Tryst Arcane, the duo did not choose to go in any particular direction, as Alexia tells us: “Back in 2017 we felt it was time for us to sit down, combine sketches of melodies we separately already had in mind, and from there it suddenly took on a life of its own. With this project we’ve created a space where our baggage of music experience and influences come together, funnel through our channel of emotions, and come up with something that is authentic, genuine and unique. 

The music we write and compose is simply based on how ever we’re feeling in the moment and being as natural as possible without limiting ourselves to a particular style. We like to hover on both classical-contemporary music and gothic music, to finally land somewhere in between.” 

Tryst Arcane’s self-released debut album AUTUMN was released on CD and for free on most digital music platforms in November 2019. It was evident that the ‘fil rouge’ in this collection of tracks was the autumnal spirit, hence the name AUTUMN. The lyrics in this album garner elements of mysticism with indirect references to realistic themes such as death and new beginnings. On the last track of the album, The Fall of Light, Tryst Arcane collaborated with Gorg Peresso to compose its lyrics. For this particular track as well, Tryst Arcane also released a music video on YouTube, with the support of the Malta Arts Council. 

With further support from the Malta Arts Council, the duo will be re-releasing AUTUMN on Vinyl Record later on this year, as a limited edition of 100 beautiful graphite-coloured Vinyl records.

Alexia says that the aim of Tryst Arcane is to give listeners an intense musical experience and help them to engage with their inner core.

“We pride ourselves in providing our followers a soundtrack for parts or journeys of their life, bring comfort in times of darkness and accompany the listener also in times of happiness. The philosophical lyrics, the mysticism in the voice and the sonic experimentation in the melodies of our music emanate a sense of multiple dimensions / space which suggests a sense of calmness and surrealism. Most of our songs are invariably imbued with a sense of mystical serenity, yet dark and captivating which on various occasions we were happy to hear that it helped to overcome dark moments of pain or alleviate great sadness.” 

After a year-long break, Tryst Arcane are in the process of writing new music with the aim of continuing to grow in the music world. The duo has also been encouraged to start creating music to be used for meditation, as feedback from listeners of the first album shows that they have been using this music for meditation sessions.

Alexia says she is honoured by all the positive feedback received, which has furthered the duo’s motivation to keep creating this (musical) magic.

“We believe that when writing music with genuine intentions and a true expression, it is also important for the artist to feel free to move away from conformity and never lose sight of the real purpose of creating music. The pressure of society confines many artists to be untrue to their core principles and do what gets fast success. Music creation of our likes is not going to be hitting the charts or rave the dance floors but it will find a place in the hearts of a niche audience who feel the honesty that is within it and absorb what they need at that moment from it.”





18/02/22:  // Spiral Meandering // single is out on all digital platforms + official video on Youtube Link here:

Spiral meandering will eventually form part of a future EP/Album release which will explore personal experiences and emotions in a space created for self-discovery, acceptance, and forgiveness. Through this space, we’ll invite the listener to explore their own experiences, both current and past, and perhaps, help open up to a psychological-healing journey.

One of the themes of the release is within Spiral Meandering’s words. As the title of the single suggests, it is about the spirals of our internal struggles as they circle deeper into darkness. It talks about the emotional and mental disorientation from being obliged to adhere to a world where most of us keep running towards insignificant aims while still being unsatisfied with life. 

The song has at its core the individual in relation to society and vice versa – The feeling of being estranged from a corrupt world vis a vis the constant desire for abstract values. We’re constantly bombarded by media and advertisements of false needs which only encourage us to adhere and shape ourselves into a fitting part of the consumer culture. Modern society has become accustomed to a distorted, filtered, and delusional reality. Most of us, at our very core, know that this rat race is designed to obliterate who we really are – our existence both as an individual and as humanity. Yet we succumb. We’ve become narcissistic, easily corruptible, and malleable targets for society’s puppeteers.


 About the music composition of Spiral Meandering

Spiral Meandering is not simply about a single release for us, rather it is about a long-term project which has allowed us to experiment on its various aspects for months, both on artistic and technical level. It was written in 2017, during the time that the debut AUTUMN was in its inception. We thought that the theme wouldn’t fit with the rest of the songs in AUTUMN, and so we decided to shelf it off for a while. Come the first lockdown in early 2020, this song was scooped out of our bag of sketches and after some sessions we came up with a sound concept and a music composition we feel it truly fits the lyrics’ theme. We were so eager to share it that we thought of speaking with a producer and releasing it as a single straight away. However, to relay the ideas to a music producer and get exactly what we envisioned, probably, wasn’t going to cut it. So Julian decided to take this opportunity to delve into the world of sound production and have a go at this process himself. We can proudly say that waiting was worth it and in fact Julian has actually surpassed our initial vision. 

I think many of us, as adults, find ourselves compelled to live at the crossroads of conformity and self-discovery. In fact, this set of lyrics were written during a time where conformity had taken over my life and I couldn’t see a way out. This, along with other different struggles, were heavily affecting both my physical health and mental well-being. The listless music composition, the use of a very limited range of notes and melody shifts, mirror the soulful expression of the lyrics. The hypnotic soundscape conjures a sense of winding claustrophobic motion alluding to the obsessive, repetitive thoughts and it also serves as a metaphorical allusion to the nauseating, deceitful chase of abstract values in the pursuit of ‘happiness’.


       8/01/22:  Spiral Meandering Lyric Video on Youtube 02/02/22


      7/11/21: AUTUMN on vinyl available via


Join our live-recorded virtual performance – CANDLELIT AUTUMN premiering on Youtube.

Streaming is free – just enjoy the show!
Premiering on Tryst Arcane Youtube channel on Sunday 7/11/2021 at 20:00 CET.
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Hope you enjoy it!

Candlelit Autumn

Live-recorded virtual performance


The Fall of Light

April 4th 2020 // Music by Tryst Arcane.
Lyrics / poem by Ġorġ Peresso from Simple Thoughts edited for Tryst Arcane.
Video in collaboration with Nicholas Bonello (Bonello Media)



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