Tryst Arcane is a duo from Malta, formed by Alexia (vocals – Memento Nostri) and Julian (keys -Nomad Son). Taking Alexia’s ethereal vocals and layering them over haunting cinematic soundscapes, organ sounds or brooding piano riffs, the duo strikes a deviant balance between traditional song standards and music that you’d find accompanying a dramatic moment on screen.

‘Minimal Dark’ is a term that the duo coined for this genre of music that is particularly pronounced in their debut album, AUTUMN. Being it shorn of percussive instruments but rather composed of only two elements, that of keys and vox, this album is imbued with a solemn dreaminess and serenity.

The Tryst Arcane project was reimagined with the introduction of the 3rd element which will be featuring in their upcoming album, Sun of Other Days. Their return sees an alliance with Emanuel Portelli ( Victims of Creation, Hemplifier) and his Mediterranean-inspired guitar tunes which led to conceptualise their compositions as an extended version of their minimalistic approach. While Julian’s synths hover over prog/post and space rock territories, the lyrics and chants transpire from a deep nostalgic place within a mystical atmosphere and metaphorical parallelism with science fiction’s time and space travel.

Tryst Arcane have composed 35 minutes of conceptual and heterodox music that seamlessly entwines their various influences into an immersive experience that represents their artistic expression.

Music creation of our like will find a place in the hearts of a niche audience who feel the honesty that is within it and absorb what they need at that moment from it.”  – Tryst Arcane


2019 – AUTUMN (EP) on Digipack and digital music platforms

2021AUTUMN (EP) on Vinyl Record 

2022 Spiral Meandering – single released on digital music platforms & music video on Youtube

2023 – LURA – Tryst Arcane and Emanuel Portell – single released on digital music platforms & music video on Youtube (from upcoming album ‘Sun of Other Days’.

2023 –  Tryst Arcane and Emanuel Portelli release album ‘Sun of Other Days’ on digital platforms



11/08/2023: Sun of Other Days is out on major Digital platforms.

10/08/2023:  Sun of Other Days was Premiered on Everything is Noise

LURA – The single LURA by Tryst Arcane is out now on most digital platforms accompanied by a narrative music video. LURA is an enchanting composition that transcends boundaries with its atmospheric soundscapes and cinematic allure. The hauntingly beautiful melodies, accompanied by brooding piano riffs and soaring vocal melodies, create a profound and emotional journey. The heartfelt lyrics, written by Alexia and Luciano Schembri, echo the depths of their personal experiences, while the music, composed by Tryst Arcane and Emanuel Portelli, weaves a tapestry of emotions. LURA transcends language barriers, as it’s the only track on the album ‘Sun of Other Days‘ ( to be released later this summer) sung entirely in the Maltese language. It serves as an outro while continuing the album’s central narrative. The accompanying music video for LURA adds another layer of emotive storytelling, inviting you to join in this magical journey of remembrance and longing.
TRYST ARCANE has been quietly working on the next Album, but this time, we’ve collaborated with a great musician and good friend of ours – Emanuel Portelli (aka Leli tal-Victims) from Victims of CreationHemplifierThy Legion & Animamortua. More will be revealed in due time.
01/10/22: Vintage Curio Shop: Producing music requires a significant investment of time and money and we thought it’s a good idea to raise some funds for our next album release. We’ve set up a little vintage curio shop on our website, with some interesting collectible items for sale – there will surely be something you wouldn’t want to pass up. The items we’ll have are collectible items with humble monetary merits which mainly date back from 1940 to the 1960s. One can find something to add to an already curated collection, be inspired to start a new one, or simply acquire a piece to decorate the house soulfully.
18/02/22// Spiral Meandering // single is out on all digital platforms + official video on Youtube Link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nws3RTOotRU






7/11/21: AUTUMN on vinylJoin our live-recorded virtual performance – CANDLELIT AUTUMN premiering on Youtube. Streaming is free – just enjoy the show! Premiering on Tryst Arcane Youtube channel on Sunday 7/11/2021 at 20:00 CET. Subscribe to our channel to be notified:  https://www.youtube.com/c/TrystArcane  Event link:  https://youtu.be/zoA3fjvpAKo


23/07/2023: LURA single from Sun of Other Days  (to be released on 11/08/2023)


     21/01/2022Spiral Meandering single out on all digital platforms + official video release on 18/02/22



07/11/2021: CANDLELIT AUTUMNLive-recorded Virtual Performance (Launching AUTUMN on Vinyl)

AUTUMN on vinyl available via www.trystarcane.com



04/04/20: The Fall of Light (taken from AUTUMN)


Sun of Other Days – digital music platforms (2023)

‘Sun of Other Days’ conceptual and heterodox music is characterised by loose and lengthy song structures, centred on instrumental textures and arrangements with enthralling voice parts that together produce a hypnotic sonic experience, alluding the listener to a unique musical dimension. The lyrics, (along with the composition and music arrangements), revolve around a supernatural journey as the protagonist is involved in a space-time displacement experience happening while reminiscing about her youth on an end-of-summer day by the Maltese/Mediterranean sea. Its core theme intends to speak to the inner child of many Maltese millennials, whose summer holidays meant days by the sea, the sun, the shore’s sounds and scents, friends, adventures, imagination, innocence, fun, and freedom.


Spiral Meandering – single released on digital music platforms with music video on Youtube (2022) 

As the title of the single suggests, it is about the spirals of our internal struggles as they circle deeper into darkness. It talks about the emotional and mental disorientation from being obliged to adhere to a world where most of us keep running towards insignificant aims while still being unsatisfied with life. We invite the listener to explore their own experiences, both current and past, and perhaps, help open up to a psychological-healing journey.

AUTUMN (EP) on Digipack and

digital music platforms (2019)  & AUTUMN (EP) on Vinyl Record (2021)


AUTUMN was nominated for Best Alternative Album 2019 and Alexia for Best Song Writer 2019 at the Malta Music Awards 2019.

It was evident that the ‘fil rouge’ in this collection of tracks was the autumnal spirit, hence the name AUTUMN. The lyrics in this album garner elements of mysticism with indirect references to realistic themes such as death and new beginnings. For the last track of the album, Tryst Arcane also released a music video on YouTube, with the support of the Malta Arts Council. 

With further support from the Malta Arts Council, in 2021 the duo re-released AUTUMN on Vinyl Record, as a limited edition of graphite-coloured Vinyl records. 


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