Autumn – CD

5 track debut album on Digipack CD


Combining only 2 elements, namely voice and keys, Tryst Arcane’s debut album defines their unique identity – with atmospheric keyboard landscapes, some with church organ passages or classical piano, blended with mystifying vocal melodies. The lyrics in this EP garner elements of mysticism with indirect references to realistic themes such as death and new beginnings.

“It was evident that the ‘fil rouge’ in this collection of tracks was the autumnal spirit, so we baptised it as A U T U M N. To many, this season may bring sadness, but it brings new beginnings too. We invite the listener to listen carefully and escape the madness around you.”

Music – Tryst Arcane (Alexia Baldacchino & Julian Grech)
Lyrics – Alexia Baldacchino @Makabral (except The Fall of Light by Gorg Peresso)
Recorded – Tryst Arcane
Mix and master – Karl Daniel Liden Produktion
Artwork – @Makabral
Cover photo – Maria Catania


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