Tryst Arcane Rest Pack

Tryst Arcane Rest Pack – The most meaningful way to best consume our music.


We thought of bringing to you our idea of getting away even for just a few minutes. A Tryst Arcane Rest Pack can be a self-care treat, or a special little gift for a friend going through a tough time, a birthday treat, or  Christmas present. Giving someone a meaningful gift is one of the greatest feelings you can have. Inside the black gift box you’ll find: AUTUMN Digipack CD,  Two carefully chosen scented tea-lights in a reusable tin box. A silver satin sleep-mask in a black satin pouch with Tryst Arcane’s embroidered Logo and a handful of small pine cones (as de-stressors) to hold in hands whilst listening. We really appreciate your support and we hope you enjoy these little packs of relaxation.



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